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Research Center

Our research institute, or research center is an establishment founded for doing research. Research institutes may specialize in basic research or may be oriented to applied research.

Lab Technicians

Our Lab Technicians are responsible for various tasks that follow strict guidelines and regulations, including protecting the accuracy and efficiency of experiments while keeping labs organized.

Fast Results

In our Institute , An immediate result, action, or reaction happens or is done without any delay.


The Indian Institute of Electro Homeopathy Medical Science is an Autonomous body ,Registered Under Section 8,Institution Act of the 2013,Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.Associated with and Run by MATTEI ELECTRO GRIN FOUNDATION Registered By the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs Section 8 of (1) Companies Act.2013

Electrohomeopathy Plants


Our Work

We have gained a vast experience with the holistic Medical system called Electrohomoeopathy (Electropathy). Many people confuse Electropathic medicine with Homeopathy or with Electrotherapy refers to the use of electrical energy /devices as a medical treatment.It is not like that.Electrohomeopathic medicine has its own sophisticated system of using substances from the plant kingdoms.

Objectives of the Council

  • To promote and propagate Electropathy.
  • To run charitable hospitals of Electropathy.
  • To serve the suffering humanity by organizing free medical camps of Electropathy.
  • To conduct research in the field of electropathy.
  • Working for the development of this system of medicine by integrating both Electropathy and physicians.
  • To publish literature in the field of electropathy and medicine.


Successful Missions
Success Mission 99%
Student Zone
Student Zone 90%
College Zone
Student Zone 87%
Newest Technologies
Newest Technologies 85%

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