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Antibody Study

We will provide antibody testing to help determine the incidence and long-term effects of diseases in children as part of an initiative by the National Institutes of Health.  


Pharmacy is a Science that links Medical Sciences with Chemistry. This field of Health Science plays an enormous role in the testing, discovery, production, research and use of medicines and drugs.


Major kinds of biopharmaceuticals include: Blood factors (Factor VIII and Factor IX) Thrombolytic agents (tissue plasminogen activator) Hormones (insulin, glucagon, growth hormone, gonadotrophins)


A chemical is any substance that has a defined composition. In other words, a chemical is always made up of the same "stuff." Some chemicals occur in nature, such as water.

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The Indian Institute of Electro Homeopathy Medical Science is an Autonomous body ,Registered Under Section 8,Institution Act of the 2013,Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.Associated with and Run by MATTEI ELECTRO GRIN FOUNDATION Registered By the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs Section 8 of (1) Companies Act.2013

About Us

National organisations of India.
For Research & Development of electrohomeopathy.
Registered with NITI Aayog.
Registered with MSME.
An ISO 9001:2015 certified Board.
Council imparting knowledge of Electro-Homoeo Medical Science & Technology. Faculty is duly authorized by & Propagation/promotion of Electro-Homoeopathy. The Board was established under statutory provision. Electro-Homoeopathic Institute are affiliated & recognized to this board. The following courses and examinations are conducted by the Council, and the following. Diploma and Degree (Testimonial) are awarded to its students as a token of their knowledge, experience and capability in Electro-Homoeopathic Medical Science and Technology.

Authorities By :- Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare Gov’t Of India
Order No. V-25011/276/2009 – HR Dated on 05th May 2010
For Promotion, Development & Research (Education & Practice)
Through Supreme court Of India Order Dated: 22-01-2015.

Aims & Object

1. To Promote, Propagate And Advance Of Electro
2. To Run Start organize Teaching and Educational Institute and Hospital of Educate the Electro homeopathy Through Regular Classes or Correspondence For Interested Students.
3. To Run Electro homeopathy Medical college And Hospital All
Branches Of Medical Specialization And Recognized System Of Electro homeopathy Medicine.(Book Ref. Materia
Media & Fundamental Law Of Electro homeopathy Pharmacy).
4. To Run And Manage Electro homeopathy Treatment , Centres,
Seminars, Workshop in Siwan, Bihar And All over India.
5. To Start Institutions Of Electro homeopathy At Different Places in All over India.
6. To Develop Relation with National and international organizations Of Electrohomeopathy.
7. To Get Recommendations, Approval And Affiliation with Various
Universities In India.
8. To Get Recognition, And Approval From Various Council/ Board/
Association State or Society / Central Government Constituted Education Authority or Any Government Departments.
9. To the Promote, Registered Practitioner Possessing Certificates
From Any other Institution of Electro homeopathy Conform Standard the IIEMS And Memberships.
10. To From an Advisory Committee Of the IIEMS For Propose Of
Proper Advice, Guidance And Direction To The Promotion of Sciences Relating to Electro homeopathy Medical sciences.
11. To Undertake Publication Relating to Science of Electro
homeopathy. Electro homeopathy For Promotion Development & Research Education Practice Valid By Ministry of Health And Family Welfare Government of India.
Order No.V.25011/276/2009 – HR Dated 05 May 2010. No.R –
USH (R) (PE.) 25 – Nov.2003 Ministry Of Health GOV’T Of India
Latter No.V- 25011/130/2012.HR Dated 29.06.2012.
Through Supreme court of India Order Dated 22.01.2015. 


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